Private Schools in Malibu

When you and your family are looking to move to a new city, there are so many factors that will make or break the city to which you choose to move.  Panic about where to get your dog groomed or hair done begins to set in as you browse the real estate markets for potential suitors. I mean, you have been going to the same stylist for the past 17 years, how could you just get up and move one day? But then again, you were hoping to live by the beach one day and smoggy Downtown LA is not working for you. Plus the kids haven’t started a new year of school yet so now is the time to strike if this move will ever happen. Oh my gosh! The kids and school! Never mind the dog and the stylist…where will the kids go to school?! Well, lucky for you weary movers, RE/MAX Elite in Malibu has a few recommendations of private schools in the Malibu community that may help ease those moving woes.

Our Lady of Malibu:

Founded in 1958 as a Catholic school serving grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade, Our Lady of Malibu has a long-standing tradition of being one of Malibu’s top private schools. The school has gained notoriety with the greater Malibu community, attracting families not only from Malibu, but Topanga, Calabasas and Agoura Hills as well. Their small class sizes offer students extra attention while their dedication to academic excellence with a religious influence promote a strong foundation within your child that they will take with them even after the tenure at Our Lady of Malibu.

St. Aiden’s School:

As an Episcopalian preschool for children ages 18 months to 6 years old, St. Aiden’s school provides the necessary components for future academic success of your child by incorporating age-related activities to facilitate the learning process. Their developmental approach to learning treats each child as an individual and focuses on each child’s growth socially, emotionally, physically (gross and motor skills), cognitively, and spiritually. They recognize that not all children develop at the same rate, offering personalized attention depending on each child’s specific needs, thereby providing your child with the greatest opportunity to succeed.

SeaScape Private School and Malibu Cove High:

SeaScape Private School and Malibu Cove High offer parents the ability to have a direct hand in their child’s learning process through homeschooling with specific curriculum guidelines. Their approach to learning allows for one-on-one attention and a personalized curriculum that cater to your child’s individual interests, rather than the typical standardized course schedule. SeaScape Private School provides classes from Kindergarten to 8th Grade and feeds into Malibu Cove High, which serves grades 9th through 12th. Students following SeaScape Private School and Malibu Cove High through its entirety have the upper hand from students in the typical education system by working through courses at a faster rate and therefore being able to attend college early. For parents desiring a nontraditional approach to learning, SeaScape Private School and Malibu Cove High should definitely be considered.

So, now that you have some ideas of the private school options Malibu offers, you can go back to worrying about where you and your dog will get your hair done, or even more important things like finding a house in this beautiful beach-side paradise. RE/MAX Elite in Malibu wishes you the best!

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