Unraveling PCH

Malibu is known for many things besides prime Malibu Real Estate. For instance, the infamous Pacific Coast Highway that travels through beautiful Malibu, California is one of the city’s prime features.

Movie stars found the limelight.  Surfers caught the waves.  Millionaires built their lavish mansions.  The rest of us, well, we cross its path daily on our way to work, to grab a cup of coffee, or whenever we just want to get out and drive.  Pacific Coast Highway has served as an iconic piece of asphalt, taking Malibu, California, and putting it on the silver screen.  PCH has been the sight of countless films, from the original 1984 The Karate Kid to Clint Eastwood’s Letters from Iwo Jima.    For us Californians, PCH has become something that has, inherently, always been there.  One should not overlook the true beauty and the history of this road we drive on daily.   So, sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip down this iconic highway that dates back to 1919, as we pay tribute to the Ribbon of Malibu.

Next time you find yourself cruising down PCH in Malibu, visit our office to learn more about Malibu Real Estate and to check out our amazing view of the iconic highway!

By Cody Garcia